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Welcome and Presentation

  • Reception at Ditsowou Lodge: Visitors are warmly welcomed by a Bribri guide at the lodge.
  • Introduction to the Tour: Brief introductory talk about the importance of organic agriculture in the Bribri culture and a summary of the day's itinerary.

Traditional Canoe Trip

  • Bribri Canoe Ride: After leaving the lodge, visitors board a traditional Bribri canoe carved from a tree. This 15-minute river trip offers stunning views of the surrounding nature.
  • Cultural Experience: During the canoe ride, the guide shares stories and knowledge about life in the community and the spiritual connection with water.

Arrival at the Organic Farm

  • Description of the Farm: Explanation of the history of the farm, its sustainable management and its cultural importance for the Bribri.
  • Organic Farming: Details on the organic farming practices used on the farm, highlighting the use of ancestral and sustainable techniques.

Tour of the Estate

  • Crop Diversity: Walk through the farm to learn about the diversity of crops, including fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.
  • Medicinal Plants: Educational stops to learn about the medicinal plants grown on the farm and their traditional uses.

Traditional Agricultural Practices

  • Cultivation Techniques: Demonstration of traditional cultivation techniques used by the Bribri, such as crop rotation and plant association.
  • Soil Preparation: Explanation of how the soil is prepared naturally and sustainably to optimize plant growth.

Community Interaction

  • Community Work: Participation in agricultural activities with community members, promoting collaborative work and learning.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Opportunity for visitors to share their own experiences and knowledge about organic farming.

Organic Lunch

  • Traditional Food: Lunch prepared with fresh and organic ingredients from the farm, including traditional Bribri dishes.
  • Pairing with Natural Drinks: Natural drinks prepared with local fruits and herbs, enhancing the gastronomic experience.

Cultural and Spiritual Importance of Agriculture

  • The Earth as a Sacred Entity: Explanation of the importance of land and agriculture in the spiritual life of the Bribri.
  • Agricultural Rituals: Narration of the rituals and ceremonies that accompany agricultural practices in the community.

Interactive Activities

  • Participation in Cultivation: Opportunity for visitors to actively participate in the cultivation and care of the farm.
  • Local Crafts and Products: Workshop for creating small crafts or products made with materials from the farm.

Return to the Lodge

  • Hike and Return Canoe: Return to the lodge on foot through the natural trails and again by traditional canoe, with time to reflect and ask questions.
  • Farewell and Thank You: Farewell by the guide, with the option of purchasing organic products and local crafts as souvenirs.

Additional Opportunities

  • Purchasing Organic Products: Visit a small store where you can buy organic products made by the community.
  • Book Other Tours: Information about other tours available at Ditsowou Lodge & Tours.

Bribri Indigenous Organic Farm

  •  ¿Qué llevar a la Gira a Talamanca?

    • Una sola mochila o maletín (one back pack)

    • Un par de botas de caminar (hiking boots) o tennis cerradas (sport shoes)

    • Un par de sandalias o chancletas (sandals or flip-flops)

    • Uno o dos pantalones largo de tela delgada (light-fabric long pants) • Uno o dos pantalones cortos -o pantalonetas- de tela delgada (light-fabric short pants)

    • Traje de baño (swimming suit)

    • Una toalla de baño o playa (a shower or beach towel)

    • Una gorra o sombrero (a cap or hat)

    • Medias y ropa interior (sox and underwear)

    • Una chaqueta liviana (a light jacket or sweeter)

    • Desodorante y productos de aseo/cuidado personal (Deodorant and item of personal higyne)

    • Bloqueador solar de alta protección (sunscreen – high factor)

    • Repelente de insectos (bug repelent)

    • Dinero de bolsillo –cantidad limitada– (pocket money – not much)

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