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Welcome and Presentation

  •  Reception at Ditsowou Lodge: Upon arrival at the lodge, visitors are greeted by a local Bribri guide who will give a warm welcome.
  •  Tour Introduction: Brief introductory talk about the day's itinerary and highlights of Bribri culture and the Conical House.

 Road to the Conical House

  •  Tree Canoe Trip: for 40 minutes you will navigate the Sacred River called Telire to the port of Suretka.
  •  Car Travel: for 20 minutes we will travel by car to a community within the sacred mountain to the Bribri community where the Usure (Sacred Temple) is located.

 Arrival at the Conical House

  •  Description of the Structure: Detailed explanation of the architecture and meaning of the Conical House in the Bribri culture.
  •  History and Uses: Story about the history of the Conical House and its multiple uses in the daily and spiritual life of the Bribris.

 Demonstration of Traditional Techniques

  •  Construction and Materials: Presentation of traditional construction techniques and the natural materials used.

 Cultural Exploration

  •  Stories and Legends: Narration of traditional stories and legends told by the local guide.
  •  Rituals and Ceremonies: Explanation of the rituals and ceremonies that take place in the Conical House.

 Interactive Activities:

  •  Local Gastronomy Sample: Tasting of traditional foods prepared by community members, including cocoa-based dishes.

 Spiritual Connection

  •  Meditation and Reflection: Moment of meditation inside the Conical House to connect with the spiritual environment.

 Return to the Lodge

  •  Return: Return to the lodge by the same transportation, with time to reflect and ask questions.
  •  Farewell: Thank you and farewell by the guide, with the option of purchasing local crafts as a souvenir.

 Additional Opportunities

  •  Purchasing Crafts: Visit a small store where you can buy local crafts.
  •  Book Other Tours: Information about other tours available at Ditsowou Lodge & Tours.

Bribri Temple Tour

    • 100% of the total amount must be paid to confirm the reservation.
    • If you cannot make the visit, the refund will be 75% of the total payment.
    • You can pay by bank transfer or Paypal
    • If it is in cash, the final payment can be made on the day of arrival.
    • Confirm payments made to this email with proof.
  • What to bring to the Tour to Talamanca?

    • A single backpack or briefcase (one back pack)

    • A pair of walking boots (hiking boots) or closed tennis shoes (sports shoes)

    • A pair of sandals or flip-flops

    • One or two long pants made of thin fabric (light-fabric long pants) • One or two shorts -or pants- made of thin fabric (light-fabric short pants) Swimsuit (swimming suit)

    • A bath or beach towel (a shower or beach towel)

    • A cap or hat (a cap or hat)

    • Stockings and underwear (sox and underwear)

    • A light jacket (a light jacket or sweeter)

    • Deodorant and item of personal hygiene

    • High protection sunscreen (sunscreen – high factor)

    • Insect repellent (bug repellent)

    • Pocket money – limited amount – (pocket money – not much)

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